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September 2023

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UP Boy Hides Dog Bite, Dies of Rabies a Month Later

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In Ghaziabad, a tragic incident unfolded as a 14-year-old boy succumbed to rabies, which he contracted over a month ago after being bitten by a dog. The police revealed this distressing news on Tuesday.

The young boy, Shahvaz, a student in the eighth grade, tragically passed away on Monday evening while being transported back to Ghaziabad from Bulandshahr. Shahvaz had been taken to Bulandshahr for medical treatment after his condition worsened, according to authorities.

Shahvaz, a resident of Charan Singh colony within the jurisdiction of Vijay Nagar police station, had been bitten by a dog owned by a neighbor a month and a half ago. However, out of fear, he kept this incident a secret from his parents, police disclosed.

As a result of the dog bite, Shahvaz contracted rabies, and on September 1, his behavior became increasingly abnormal, coupled with a loss of appetite. When questioned about his condition, he finally revealed to his family members that he had been bitten by their neighbor’s dog.

Desperate to seek medical help, Shahvaz’s family first attempted to admit him to government hospitals in Delhi, but they were unsuccessful in securing treatment. Ultimately, they sought the assistance of an Ayurvedic doctor in Bulandshahr.

Tragically, Shahvaz lost his life while being transported back to Ghaziabad in an ambulance. A formal complaint has been filed in this matter, and the dog owner will face legal action, as confirmed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kotwali zone, Nimish Patil.

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