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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Union Home Minister Amit Shah Dodges Questions on Denial of Party Ticket to Jagadish Shettar

Amit ShahUnion Home Minister Amit Shah addressing press conference in Hubballi on Monday (File Photo)

Hubballi: Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, avoided answering questions from the media on why former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar was denied a party ticket for the upcoming assembly elections from Hubballi Central constituency.

Speaking at a press conference here on Monday evening, Shah stated that the reason for denying the party ticket to Shettar was an internal party matter, it was convened to him and would not be disclosed to the media. He further added that the party would inform the people directly about the decision.

He also said that in this election, Shettar will taste the defeat. The Congress party is in joyous mode that they got the Shettar but he will be defeated, he said.

When asked about allegations made by Shettar and former Deputy Chief Minister, Laxman Savadi, that the BJP is controlled by a few influential people and that local leaders are not giving a true picture of the ground situation, Amit Shah questioned why Savadi did not speak out when he was in power.

Regarding the issue of betraying Lingayats, Shah emphasized that the party has always supported the community and enjoys their support. He also said that Congress has no right to speak on this issue as the party has mistreated veteran Lingayat leaders in the past.

Shah expressed confidence that the BJP would come to power with a thumping majority and that people would vote for the “double engine government’s work”.

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