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October 2023

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Two Arrested in Attempted Assassination of Raichur Doctor

Ballari Range IGP BS Lokesh Kumar, SP Nikhil B addressing press conference in Raichur on Monday
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Raichur: The police have apprehended two suspects linked to the attempted murder of renowned gynecologist Dr. Jayaprakash Patil Bettadur in Raichur.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Sharfuddin Mistri and MD Kamaruddin, both hailing from Kalaburgi district.

Addressing the press, Ballari range IGP BS Lokesh Kumar stated that while two arrests have been made in the case, the investigation remains ongoing, as it is suspected that these individuals may have been hired by someone else.

During the course of their interrogation, the suspects allegedly confessed to their involvement in the crime and revealed that they had fired shots with the intent to instill fear in the doctor. The perpetrators had demanded a ransom of 30,000 cryptocurrencies and had reportedly made threatening phone calls to the victim.

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The doctor, through his manager, had previously filed a complaint with the Netaji Nagar police in connection with the threatening calls. However, no significant breakthrough had been achieved in that investigation. The culprits had apparently learned about the doctor through social media posts and conducted online searches to gather information about him.

To avoid compromising the ongoing investigation, the police refrained from disclosing further details. The attack had occurred on August 31 when Dr. Jayaprakash was en route from Raichur to Manavi in his vehicle. Superintendent of Police Nikhil B and other senior police officials were present during the press briefing.

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