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September 2023

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Tricky Gold Scam: Women Fooled by Crafty Con Artist

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Koppal: A sneaky gold-selling scheme recently tricked two women in Koppal city, Nagaratna Alavandi and M. Sunitha are the victims. The incident happened on August 3 but only came to light later, showing a story of clever trickery. Nagaratna reported it to the Koppal Town police station.

Here’s how it started: Nagaratna went to buy gold from a jewelry shop on Jawahar Road, Koppal. While she was there, another woman walked in and showed what staff looked like gold stuff to the store and after checking they said that they were 24-carat gold ornaments. But the shop owner said that he would not provide money to that item but she need to exchange with other jewelery items.

At the same time, Nagaratna and her friend Sunitha also came out of the shop, the tricky woman followed them and told a sad story about her husband being in the hospital and needing money urgently. She wanted to sell 30 grams of her “gold” for Rs 50,000 now and allowing Nagaratna to pay the rest later.

Feeling bad for her, Nagaratna gave her 40 thousand rupees. The next day, she went back to the same gold seller, hoping to make money from her new “gold.” But, surprise! The gold seller told that those things were worthless fakes.

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