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To ensure CAB in public places, HDMC deploys marshals.

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After Bengaluru, Hubballi-Dharwad would be the next cities to have marshals deployed on the streets to enforce Covid-19 appropriate behaviour (CAB).

Speaking to, Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Commissioner Suresh Itnal confirmed that in the first phase, five marshals would be deployed for the work. They will enforce CAB by roaming on the busy streets and collecting fines. They would work for the next four months.

More marshals would be hired for the job based on how the public reacts to these officers and how well they function in the field, he said. “They’ll be out on the streets enforcing the CAB in a day or two. Their dresses will have badges of HDMC, he said.

HDMC employed these ex-Army soldiers through their organization, he said. The HDMC has re-started the process of imposing fines on those who do not respect the Covid rules in public spaces from Wednesday, informed the commissioner.

Itnal stated that HDMC is attempting to contain the spread of Coronavirus, but it is up to the public to adhere to the CAB. Nothing can be accomplished without public cooperation, he claims.

The violators of Covid guidelines, will face severe consequences, said Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil. According to Patil, police and HDMC employees will begin enforcing penalties on violators and will take all necessary actions, including raising awareness about ways to avert a possible third wave.


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