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To eliminate garbage black spots in Dharwad, HDMC uses a novel approach

Dharwad: Though the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation civic labours collect garbage by visiting door to door, despite this, one can see piles of garbage on the sides of the road or in open spaces (black spots). With the help of Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited, the HDMC has installed cameras to deter the public from dumping garbage, but it has not been as effective as it was initially planned by the HDMC authorities.

Regardless of how many times the civic workers clear the black spots, rubbish continues to accumulate, and the HDMC continues to get public complaints. This became a never-ending problem for HDMC officials, with no viable remedy in sight. It became difficult for them to remove black spots.

Commissioner Suresh Itnal of the HDMC was working to find a solution to the problem, and he was encouraging his deputies to find a lasting solution to the problem. As a result, the HDMC officials in Wards 3 and 4 did a good job. They erected a wooden fence around the spot and hung signs on the ropes telling residents not to throw trash at it. If they do, they will be fined Rs 500.

The HDMC workers fenced off the black spots in Ward 3’s Joshi Farm area and Mudholkar Compound. Since no one is throwing garbage in those black spots, the HDMC may think of implementing the same method in other areas to eradicate black spots.

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