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This KIMS family fighting alone; other doctors- associations remained mute spectators

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Hubballi: ‘Vaidyo Narayano Harihi’, means that a doctor should be seen as a form of Lord Narayana. But a channel in the name of a sting operation doing verbal diarrhoea. Continuously tarnishing the image of the doctors and Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS).

Unfortunately, doctors bodies remained silent and so far have not expressed a single word of condemnation and remained as a mute spectator, they should have intervened and have expressed some support to all the doctors of the KIMS and especially those who were targeted unnecessarily.

The doctor’s organizations could have asked the government to go slow in this allegation and dig facts and truth before taking any action. These doctors are facing extreme humiliation because of repeated telecast of the ‘sting operation’. The remaining doctors have forgotten that what the KIMS is experiencing today they may face the same tomorrow.

Just an example

A politician who won from a party consecutively was admitted to the PMSSY building in Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences for Covid treatment in the first wave of the Covid pandemic.

His family members were also admitted to the KIMS for Covid treatment in that same period. The politician made fierce statements against a reputed private hospital for not giving proper treatment to his family members where they were admitted first. They were shifted from that hospital to KIMS and the KIMS doctors treated them very well.

The politician openly hailed KIMS doctors and the quality of the treatment, food provided to them as well as other patients in that ward. He witnessed the quality care provided to all the Covid infected patients, and he promised he would be with KIMS always as his perception towards the hospital was changed after taking treatment there.

This politician and his family members were treated by a doctor who’s very close relative earned the ‘Kaamchoor’ tag in a so-called sting operation of a channel. It was that doctor and his team who took care of that politician and his family members.

He owed he will be with the KIMS always and extend support to them whenever they require but unfortunately so far he did not utter a single word condemning verbal diarrhoea of that channel against these doctors. He did not visit the doctors, at least to listen to their views. That is the unfortunate thing.


Unfortunately, a media trial is going on that channel and it is broadcasting the clips again and again pressurizing Medical Education Minister to take action against them to claim the ‘impact’ of their ‘paid sting operation,’ but these doctors are not getting enough support and not even getting a platform to express their views and defend themselves that is the biggest tragedy, said a doctor who retired as Medical Superintendent of KIMS.

All the doctors, postgraduates, resident doctors, staff have decided that they fight against the misinformation being aired through the channel, said one doctor.


In KIMS, at least 80 reputed people, including few media persons, availed treatment here. A powerful politician’s son also took treatment for Covid, a senior-most politician was admitted here for Covid treatment. If the doctors skip their work and they are Kaamchors or most of them are inefficient, then why these powerful people who can avail treatment at any five-star hospital admitted here and got better treatment.



According to rough data provided by the KIMS, so far 9,500 covid patients successfully treated hereafter the inception of the pandemic. One doctor said “We can’t say KIMS is perfect, there may be some problems here, blaming genuine doctors is not good. Let the government audit the work of the doctors and based on that they can warn the doctors. We are questioning the timing of this sting operation amid pandemic, these kinds of incidents demotivate us.”

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