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This is not just a bus it is a chariot of the Kannada language

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Hubballi: This isn’t just any bus; it’s the chariot of the Kannada language. On November 1st, this bus goes throughout Dharwad district, and Kannada lovers swarm the vehicle to have a sight of it. The bus is decorated in a manner that this bus literally fosters Kannada language awareness.

Thanks to NWKRTC conductor Shashikumar M Bhonsle’s passion for the Kannada language and Karnataka state, he spends thousands of rupees from his own pocket every year to turn the bus into “Kannadada Teru.”

Bhonsle, a Kannada enthusiast, decorated the bus’s interior with Karnataka maps, posters of Kannada Jnanapeetha awardees, maps of Dharwad district, maps of all the taluks of Dharwad district, and basic information about the district, such as rivers originating in the district, the population of all the taluks, and others.

This year, he is paying tribute to the late Puneeth Rajkumar while also raising awareness about the Covid disease.

When asked why he wanted to convert the bus to Kannadada Teru, Bhonsle stated that he liked the Kannada language and wanted to do something to promote it.

He considered transforming this bus into the Kannada language’s chariot in order to raise awareness and foster love for the language.

He provided Kannada books, periodicals, and newspapers for each seat so that people may read the literature while travelling. The decoration, literature, and other amenities will be available for the following 15 days.

He stated that last year he decorated the Hubballi-Tadas bus, and this year he decorated the Kalaghatagi-Hospete bus belonging to the Kalaghatagi depot.

He thanked the NWKRTC and his bus driver, Santosh Shivalingappa, for their assistance in completing this decoration.






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