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October 2023

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This Could be the Best Health Insurance: Discover HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Health Insurance!

HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure
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Health insurance serves as a crucial shield against unforeseen medical emergencies, safeguarding both you and your family. The unprecedented rise in medical costs necessitates the need for a reliable health insurance plan to ensure access to quality healthcare without straining your finances.

But how do you choose the right health insurance policy amidst the plethora of options available? Making an informed decision requires considering essential parameters. Your ideal health insurance should offer a diverse range of sum insured options tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive coverage includes both pre and post hospitalization expenses, making extended coverage beneficial. While in the hospital, room selection often goes unnoticed, leading to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. To avert such situations, ensure your chosen health insurance plan covers room charges and non-medical expenses.

Enter HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure, a premier health insurance plan offering a host of advantages for your peace of mind.

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Unveiling HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Health Insurance

Secure Benefit: Experience additional coverage up to 100% of the Base Sum Insured immediately upon purchase at no extra cost. This coverage can be utilized across various admissible claims.

Plus Benefit: Watch your coverage double in just two years, irrespective of the number of claims filed in preceding policy years.

Automatic Restore Benefit: Enjoy recharges of up to 100% of your Base Sum Insured for subsequent claims within a policy year, catering to any illnesses for any insured individuals under the family floater plan.

Benefits Beyond Compare:

 Pre and Post-Hospitalization Coverage: Optima Secure covers expenses prior to hospitalization, including medical tests and medications, as well as post-hospitalization costs such as doctor visits and medications for a comprehensive healthcare experience.

No Room Rent Capping: Worries about room categories vanish as Optima Secure eliminates room rent capping, allowing you to access premium healthcare facilities without restrictions.

Cashless Hospitalization: Experience a hassle-free hospitalization process with cashless transactions at any of Optima Secure’s network hospitals, covering expenses from doctor fees to ICU charges.

Home Health Care: Optima Secure recognizes the value of home treatments, covering costs incurred for treatments and home ICU setups.

Ayush Treatment: Optima Secure extends coverage to alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy.

E-Opinion for Critical Illness: Access expert consultations through e-opinions for select critical illnesses at Optima’s network hospitals.

Preventive Health Check-Ups: Enjoy preventive health check-ups at the end of each policy year, regardless of prior claims.

With nearly 10,000 network hospitals and unmatched benefits, HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure offers top-tier healthcare coverage. Experience peace of mind knowing that your family’s health is protected by the finest. It’s time to secure your family’s well-being with HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Health Insurance.

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