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This and That: Too Much Information (TMI)

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By Dr. NV Palkar

Anesthesiologist, Florida, USA.

The era of TMI is here and we are all right in it, knee-deep.

Gone are the days when we needed to go to a library (or some such places) and read a book (or some such things) to get information!

The ubiquitous, pervasive, and often overwhelming social media has brought all the information right to our hands, wherever we are.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts, WhatsApp, emails and iPhones have all made it very easy. Not to mention the 24 hour TV networks.

It is difficult even for wise people to distinguish between real and fake information. They also give us predictions, opinions, analysis, and theories without much corroboration or evidence.

Everyone can easily share jokes, art, theories, joy, sorrow, and fears with friends, family, and acquaintances all over the globe instantly.

People can also forward all that information to others instantly who may already have that information sent to them by others!

What do we do with all this information? How much of it is really necessary? It is hard enough to go through all of it, let alone distinguishing between real and fake, important and unimportant. Is this worthy of sharing with all our other friends and family?

Rarely is there earth-shattering or compelling news that has to be shared instantly. They may already have it.

People have become ‘experts’ in science, technology, economics, or astronomy by reading bits of information they get via WhatsApp or Facebook!

Are we actually getting smarter or are we subscribing to this way of life because it is somehow ‘forced’ on us?

The choice is ours.


P.S… this is strictly my personal opinion or food for thought.

( The writer’s first name is Shashi)


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