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June 2023

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There is no such thing as a perfect crime; police solve Drishyam like case four years after the crime

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Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad cops have closed a missing person case after obtaining no leads despite their best efforts. However, fate had other plans four years later. The case has an eerie similarity to the suspense thriller Drishyam.

What is the case?

Police said Chandraveer alias, a resident of Sikrod village in Ghaziabad district, went mysteriously missing in 2018, and Pappu’s brother had approached Sihani Gate Police and filed a missing person case. The police tried their best to find Chandraveer and closed the case after their best efforts did not yield any result.

According to the SSP, the crime branch re-investigated the case after receiving new leads in this case. The mystery of the missing case was solved when the police questioned the 16-year-old daughter of Chandraveer.

According to reports, she informed investigators she believes her mother and a neighbour may be responsible for her father’s disappearance.

The case became evident when the authorities grilled the mother and her neighbour based on the girl’s allegation.

What happened four years ago?

Pappu’s wife, Savita, was having an affair with her neighbour Arun, alias Anil Kumar, and Savita’s husband, Pappu, had caught them while the couple were in a compromising position. Savita and her lover decided to kill her after this incident, the police said.

On September 28, 2018, Arun murdered Pappu while he was fast asleep. Arun shot him in the head, and he, with the help of Savita, shifted the dead body to his house and dumped it inside a 6-7-foot-deep pit that Arun had dug in advance. They cemented the pit and erased all the clues to the murder.

On Monday, the police exhumed the dead body from the pit and arrested both accused. “An investigation is going on,” said the police.

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