The unique wedding invitation wins the hearts of netizens


Creativity knows no bounds. A one-of-a-kind tablet strip is making the rounds on the internet, including information that has nothing to do with medicine. A second look reveals, however, that it is not just any average tablet strip, but a wedding invitation.

This beautiful wedding invitation, with bold printed letters “Ezhilarasan and Vasanthakumari Wedding,” is printed by a couple from Tamil Nadu and has gone viral on the internet. According to the wedding card, the groom, Ezhilarasan, is a pharmacist from Tiruvannamalai district, and the bride, Vasanthakumari, is a nurse from Genji in Villupuram district.

The marriage invitation printed on the tablet strip contains the date, address, and all of the necessary wedding details. The wedding is scheduled for September 5th. There is also mention of a DJ party and the Reception details.

On September 5, the special days’ are written in a red box; beneath it, the names of the bridegroom’s and bride’s parents are presented in an unusual style, with the phrase “Manufactured by.” On the left is information on the bridegroom’s and bride’s education. A notice in red letters warns that “all friends and family do not miss my wedding celebration.”

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