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The second wave of Coronavirus affecting children too

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Hubballi: Medical experts have predicted that the impending third wave of Coronavirus is expected to affect the children the most, and the signs of it is already seen in the second wave as paediatricians in twin cities have already treated a few children for the Covid symptoms.
While the majority of the children have not shown major adversaries, Karnataka Institute of Medical Science, the biggest covid centre in Mumbai Karnataka, has already witnessed the deaths of two children due to complications out of Covid.


A health care worker collecting throat swab of a boy in a village near Hubballi on Monday

Doctors and experts blame parents for not providing proper care for kids and neglecting early symptoms in kids for this. Most of the children are undiagnosed and suffer from very mild symptoms, so their parents do not want them to go through an RT-PCR test to confirm the infection, said a paediatrician.
Paediatricians say that majority of the parents often seek telephone consultations for mild infections. There have been instances when the children have recovered after administering basic treatment. However, the paediatricians warn, that parents should not just rely only on teleconsultation and it is better to have a face-to-face consultation with their paediatricians, as there are every chance of child developing complications in the future and the path of recovery may become a bit difficult.
Dr Jagadish Niradi, a paediatrician at Shri Krishna Children’s Hospital, Dharwad told ‘Hubli Express’ that so far he has treated nearly six children, who were infected with the coronavirus. Most of the children he treated were suffering from fever, he said. “One of the patients came to me on the sixth day after developing symptoms. Luckily, the child’s saturation level was good,” said Dr Niradi.
He advised parents not to allow their children to play outside, for now, as they can either unknowingly catch or spread the virus. Keep the kids at home for their own safety, he said.
Dr Prakash Wari, Head of the Paediatrics Department in KIMS told that the hospital has so far treated over 14 cases and almost all the children recovered except two, who succumbed to the infection.
He said most of the children infected with the virus were having underlying diseases or were specially-abled. He said parents should be careful and they should pay attention.

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