The people have to choose between the nationalist BJP or the Tukde Tukde Gang backed Congress: Union Minister Shah

Union Minister Amit Shah weaving at the crowd at Vijay Sankalp Rally in Sandur in Ballari district

Ballari: The Congress and the JD(S) are both parties of dynasties and in a democracy, no dynast can bring about the real welfare of the people, said Honourable Union Minister of Home and Cooperation addressing a gathering at Vijay Sankalp Rally.

“We are contesting the election in Karnataka to attain a full majority with the blessings of the people of Karnataka. But I would like to remind you all that every vote cast in favour of the JD(S) will help Congress. And every vote cast in favour of the Congress will end up helping form an ATM government. The Congress formed a government in Karnataka under the leadership of Siddarmaia that worked as the ATM of their political bosses in Delhi. Voting for Congress means enabling the formation of a corrupt government,” he added.

Reminding the voters of the anti-India role the Congress has been playing all along he said, “On one hand the people of Karnataka have the option of voting for the BJP- a band of nationalists and patriots under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a government that has made the nation secured. On the other hand, there is the party led by Rahul Baba which backs the ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’. I would like to remind you all that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modiji who banned the PFI. But when the Congress government was there it withdrew more than 1,700 cases against PFI members.”

He also said that the Narendra Modi government is building a magnificent Ram Temple in Ayodhya, but the Congress for years hindered the construction by deviations as a trick.
“As a result, the issue of building the Ram Temple remained unresolved for decades. But once you all blessed Modiji to form a government at the centre he laid its foundation and it will soon come out as a magnificent temple,” he said.

He further said, “PM Modi is the leader who built an invincible bulwark of security. Sonia and Manmohan Singh remained in power for 10 years. Terrorist groups assailed India with one after another attack. But they did not dare to take any action against the terror groups. But once you all formed the Modi government, Modi launched surgical strikes and air strikes in Pakistan within 10 days after the cowardly Pulwama attack and cleared terror camps and terrorists within the territories of Pakistan. It is Modi  who can secure the nation and make India prosperous.”

Evoking the issue of infighting within the Congress he said, “There is only one post of Chief Minister and D.K Shivkumar and Siddaramaiah are embroiled in a tussle for it. Many others are still outside the ring for a chance to grab the seat. Karnataka can never benefit from the Congress, which in itself is torn by internal rifts. To benefit Karnataka, to ensure welfare Karnataka needs a BJP government only.”

He also said that Modi facilitated the homes of the poor with gas cylinders, toilets, electricity, bank accounts, and health insurance adding that Modji also secured everyone by providing free vaccination during the pandemic.

“On account of this move today Karnataka is safe from Coronavirus,” he said.
During the pandemic, Modiji also ensured that every poor gets 5 kilograms of free food grains for two and half months.

For the Bellary district, Rs.2, 000 crores of District Mineral Fund grants were released, Rs.13,000 crores were released for the entire of Karnataka under the same fund, 60,000 homes were connected with tap drinking water, every farmer has been paid Rs.6,000 a year. Similarly, 9 lakh milk dairy farmers have been paid Rs,1, 644 crores, fertilizer subsidy has been increased by 140%, and minor irrigation schemes of Rs.1,100 crores were implemented. Even under MSPs of many of the products increased.

He also said, “The Congress, the JD(S), the TMC, the Samajwadi party and many others suggested not abrogating Article 370, on the pretext that it will lead to bloodshed in the valley. However, Modiji went ahead with repealing the discriminatory provision and made Kashmir an integral part of India for good. Let alone shedding of blood no one even dared pelt stones.”

He assured that in the next five years, BJP will make Karnataka the most prosperous state in southern India.

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