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The HDMC house committee will decide whether to install a Ganesha idol at the Idgah grounds

Hubballi: Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri has said that a house committee consisting of five Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) members would be constituted to discuss the issue of the installation of the Lord Ganesha idol at Idgah grounds, and that the committee would submit its report by Monday morning, and that the decision of the committee on this would be final.

He said this after a detailed discussion on this issue in the general body meeting of the HDMC on Thursday. He said that the committee would have three members from the ruling party and two from the opposition. The committee would discuss the issue, considering all the aspects, and the committee would take three days to submit the report. The committee’s decision would be final in this regard.

He said a few organisations had sought permission from the HDMC for the installation of the Lord at the Idgah maidan, and the issue was brought to the notice of GB via an additional issue, he said.

While speaking on the issue, Kavita Kabber, a Congress party HDMC member, said that this was a sensitive issue, it could not have been brought to a wider debate, but he requested the mayor to handle the issue very carefully.

Shivu Menasinkai, Shivu Hiremath, Veeranna Savadi, and Santosh Chavan, BJP corporators, requested the mayor to constitute a house committee and allow that committee to take a decision in this regard.

Congress member Imran Yaligar also said that this is a sensitive issue, and he also supported the other members’ view that a committee should be formed.

AIMIM member Nazeer Honyal said the time given to the committee was not sufficient and how could they make a decision within such a short span?

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