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The dermatology department at KIMS has improved its service further with the installation of three new laser machines.

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Do you plan to erase tattoos or remove the name of a former partner present on your body in the form of a tattoo? Many people used to go to unprofessionals and end up paying a lot of money and getting infected from tattoo removal.

Similarly, some people visit spas for unwanted hair removal procedures, only to waste money and not achieve the desired results. But don’t worry, the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), North Karnataka’s largest government hospital, has installed three new laser equipment in its dermatology department, allowing you to receive these outstanding services from specialists at a reasonable rate.

The devices will be available to the public beginning tomorrow, and individuals will be able to make use of this new service at a low cost.

Dr S Sacchidanand, the previous Vice-Chancellor of RGUHS, inaugurated the new lasers in the presence of KIMS Director Dr Ramalingapa, Medical Superintendent Dr Arun Kumar C, and the principal of KIMS, Dr Ishwar Hosamani, as well as all the HOD’s and faculty of KIMS.

Former Vice-chancellor of RGUHS Dr S Sacchidanand inaugurating new laser unit

The CO2 laser, the Nd: YAG laser, and the Diode laser were the three new lasers installed. These lasers are essential tools for a dermatologist. These lasers can be used for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin tumour ablation. Their application is not restricted to aesthetic issues; they may also be utilised to treat a variety of skin diseases, said, doctors. These facilities will greatly benefit all patients from North Karnataka who may now make use of these exceptional treatments.

This inauguration was followed by the presentation of a battery-powered ambulance to KIMS.

A battery-powered ambulance donated by Hubli-Dharwad Dermatologists Association is being handed over to KIMS

The battery-powered ambulance was provided to the hospital by the Hubli Dharwad Dermatologists Association (HDDA). It was presented to the administration of KIMS by IADVL National President Dr Jayadev Betkerur and IADVL Karnataka President Dr Shashi Kumar BM.

Dermatology department doctors after the inauguration of the laser treatment facility.

Dermatologist Dr Raghavendra Tophakhane, Dermatology Department Head, Dr Ravi Rathod, Dr PV Bhagwat, Dr Mohan SE, Dr Mitaxari Hugar, Dr Channabasappa M, Dr Meghashri, Dr Heera Ramesh, CAO Rajeshwari Jainapur. KIMS Deputy Medical Superintendents Dr SY Mulkipatil, Dr Rajshekhar Dyaberi, Dr KF Kammar, Dr Sanu Nagaraj, Dr Ravindra Gadag, Dr Suryakanth Kalluraya, Dr Ishwar Hasabi, Dr Janaki Toravi and others were present.

KIMS Medical Superintendent Dr Arun Kumar driving the new battery-operated ambulance


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