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September 2023

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The CM announces Rs 1,478 crore grant for the Kadechur Pharma Park.

CM Bommai

On Friday, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai delivered his first budget, and he made several key announcements for the Kalyana Karnataka region.

The CM announced the development of a 500 MW Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) solar power facility in Firozabad at a cost of Rs.350 crore.

The CM announced a Rs 1,478 crore grant for the building of a bulk medicine park at Kadechuru, Yadgir district, as one of the major announcements for Kalyan Karnataka. The Kadechur Pharma Park, is currently under construction, and the grant has been declared and the grant may expedite the work.

Koppal district was mentioned in the budget. The CM announced the establishment of a Horticultural Technological Park in the Koppal District village of Sirivara. as well as the development of a balancing reservoir near Navali to store Tungabhadra water.

In May of last year, the state government resurrected and approved a decade-old plan in the cabinet meeting and decided to build the Navali balancing reservoir along the Tungabhadra river, with a storage capacity of 40 TMC. He announced the establishment of a cutting-edge dry chili market in Ballari’s Aladahalli village, as Ballari is known as one of the top chili farmers.

To promote the city of Ballari, which is known for its jeans, the CM has announced the establishment of a textile park. The city has around 260 denim garment units, with approximately 4,000 families employed in these facilities.

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