The accident happened just two kilometres away from the groom’s house


Hubballi: The accident, which happened near Baada village in Dharwad Rural police station limits last night in which nine passengers were killed, happened just two kilometres away from the house.

If the cruiser (Force Trax), the vehicle that was involved in the accident, had travelled just two kilometres, nine precious lives could have been alive today, said sources and added that the deceased were all relatives who came to attend the marriage of the Dasanakoppa family. The marriage, which was decided to be held in front of the groom’s residence in Benkankatti, was changed at the last moment, as the area was witnessing heavy rains on Friday.

The venue was changed to a marriage hall located in Mansur village, said sources. And the accident happened when a few of the relatives were returning to the groom’s house in Benakankatti from the marriage hall. The relatives wanted to spend the night in the house and wanted to return to the hall after finishing all the morning routines.

Mahadevi Hulamani, 46, who suffered injuries on her right hand in the accident, said that she was in the middle row seat of the vehicle when the accident happened. She said the driver was driving the vehicle at a great speed. “We asked him to go slow. A vehicle overtook this vehicle, and the driver was excited about overtaking that vehicle. We asked him to go slow, but he did not listen. When the vehicle over-accelerated, we all shouted, but all of a sudden, the vehicle veered off the road and hit a tree. And after that, I don’t know what happened. We were transferring to a hospital when we regained consciousness,” she said.

Another injured woman, Manjula Marigoudar, 40, who suffered injuries to her stomach, was not in a position to speak.

Basavaraj Bolashetti, a resident of Nigadi who came to KIMS to assist patients, alleged that it could be the driver’s fault because it was drizzling and he might have lost control of the vehicle.

Police gave the names of the deceased as Annanya (14), Harish (13), Shilpa (34) Nelavva (43), Madushree (20) Maheshwarayya (11), Channavva Banakar, 45, Manushri Dasankoppa, 16 and Shambulingayya (44).

The injured are Aradhya Huttamallanavar, a 05-year-old girl, she is in trauma ICU, Akankasha Huttammallanavar,11, Saagar Dasankoppa, 12, Nirmala Dasankoppa, 45 and Muttu Marigoudar are being treated at the ortho ward.

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