Taxpayers’ money spent recklessly in the name of Poura Sanmana : Rajat Ullagaddimath

Rajat Ullagaddimath

Dharwad: Following a statement from Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri, that he would give a complaint to the police regarding pasting “PayMayor” posters in the city against Congress leaders Deepak Chinchore, Rajat Ullagaddimath, and Nadatti. So far, no Congressman has joined the campaign. However, if you file a case against us, our party workers, don’t be surprised if they paste the same sticker on your office door, car, and, if possible, your back, said Rajat.

Speaking to reporters in Dharwad, Rajat said they would not be scared by the threat of the mayor. He said we were not afraid of Britishers then, and there is no chance that we will be scared of you or your organization. There is an allegation that in the name of a civic honour programme, the taxpayers’ money was spent recklessly. ” We demand the Mayor to provide the details of the expenditure and recount every single penny spent on this programme. If you are honest, just furnish the details or else just vacate your post,” thundered the young Congress leader.

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