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June 2023

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Tarot Cards Reading: Hubballi’s numerologist Meenal Shah tells what lies ahead for you in 2023

Tarot Meenal Shah

With 2023 kicking in soon. Each one of us is excited for the new year in regard to our careers, relationships, business, health, etc.

So let us know what the coming year will be like for each moon zodiac sign with the help of tarot cards.

  1. Aries.

This year, you will have all the skills to perform your act well. You will be able to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality.

2. Taurus

You will be a little overly sensitive on a few issues. Take advice from people you trust. You will also receive advice from people in authority. Chances of travel.

3. Gemini

Great time for effective and strong communication. Use it in the best positive from. Be an inspiration to people around you, as your intuition will be the guiding light to your acts. Use your social media with care.

4. Cancer

Healthwise need to be careful. Chances of visiting the hospital multiple times. You may suffer from depression, anxiety, and frequent headaches. Cut yourself from the barriers that you have created around you and surge ahead.

5. Leo

Chances of learning a new skill or being recognised. It’s time for your skills to be recognised by your team. You will be looked upon. Chances of rewards and new projects coming in. You will learn a new skill that will prove beneficial in the future.

6. Virgo

Chances of being backstabbed or facing critics. Chances of deception Be extra careful when dealing with anyone. Especially the opposite gender. Keep away from arguments.

7. Libra

Whatever work you have been doing, the progress is slow but sure. New messages may come regarding your workplace, or there may be new projects being handed over to you. Expect some help from a friend or colleague.

8. Scorpio

Take care of your mental health, as there are chances of anxiety or depression. There may be third-party interference in your life. Answers are revealed through your dreams. Challenging situations may arise. Deal with patience and care.

9. Sagittarius

Maintain objectivity in your decision-making and rely on facts rather than rumours. It will be a great year for you to accomplish your goals, and you will be able to overcome obstacles. Those involved in court cases will be able to see the end of it.

10. Capricorn

New beginnings, new ventures are all on the horizon, and the universe is supporting you. The medical condition will see improvement. It’s time for new love, relationships, projects, etc.

11. Aquarius

Charity begins at home. After a long struggle, you will be able to balance your work and personal lives. Friends will look upon you and you will be able to do justice.

12. Pisces

Finally, it’s reward time for all the hard work that you have been doing. Recognition comes your way. Meeting celebrities is a possibility. You may learn a new skill or two. It’s time to celebrate as well.

These readings are general, based on your moon sign and may not apply to all. For a personal, detailed tarot card reading, please book an appointment at the email address mentioned. [email protected]

Author: Meenal Shah is a master numerologist from Hubballi.

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