Tarihal fire: Gokul Road Inspector, Kalimirchi enters burning building, saves three lives

Brave Heart: Inspector JM Kalimirchi

Hubballi: Gokul Road police inspector JM Kalimirchi turned savior for the labours who were stuck inside a burning sparkling candle-making unit in Tarihal on Saturday. According to witnesses who were present at the spot, Kalimirchi and fire personnel were the first to reach the spot. And Kalimirchi and three staff from the fire department entered the burning building and brought out the workers.

It was an extraordinary decision that Inspector JM Kalimirchi took. He himself brought three workers out of that fire-razed building. He risked his life and entered the razing building to save the stranded.

Speaking to www.hubliexpress.com, Kalimirchi said his sole intention was to save the lives of others and said he did not think about the risk to his own life. He said he got a call from locals around 4.40 PM informing him that a fire accident happened and, looking at the blaze, it looked massive. Kalimirchi, who was in the station at that time, immediately swung into action and immediately called the control room to inquire whether they had any information about this incident. The staff replied that they did not.

Then the next call he made was to Police Commissioner Labhu Ram, and he informed him about the accident and told him, that though the accident area falls within Hubballi Rural police station limits, he had already started and would reach the spot in the next few minutes.

On the way, Kalimirchi dialled Suchirayu Hospital, Secure, and Life Line Hospital located on Gokul Road and asked them to send ambulances immediately. By 4.50 PM, Kalimirchi was at the spot and firefighters had also reached the spot by that time. And the staff of the fire department and Kalimirchi did not waste a single minute and entered the building.

By that time, other staff of the fire and emergency department started spraying water and dousing the flames. Kalimirchi said he found four workers stranded inside the building and coughing badly. “I saw them.” Amid thick smoke. I brought out three and the remaining four, the rescue team brought out.

Kalimirchi’s brave act was hailed by Police Commissioner Labhu Ram, who said that he is a very brave officer. “When I was on the way, I dialled him repeatedly to ask what happened, and he kept disconnecting my call. I was surprised at why he was disconnecting my calls. I reached the spot around 4.55, or just a minute or two after 5, and later explained that he was inside. “

Labhu Ram also briefed this courageous act of the inspector to MLA Aravind Bellad and Prasad Abbayya, who visited KIMS Hospital to inquire about the health condition of the injured patients.

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