Tanushree Dutta claims that attempts were made to kill her


Ashiq Banaya Aapne star, Tanushree Dutta, became the face of the MeToo movement four years ago and has been vocal about her suffering. In a recent interview, she stated that several attempts on her life were made after she went public with her story. Tanushree Dutta previously stated that if anything happened to her, actor Nana Patekar, his legal team, and ‘Bollywood Mafia friends’ would be held accountable. She had targeted Bollywood veteran actor Nana Patekar when MeToo movement began claiming that the veteran actor misbehaved with her during the shooting Horn Ok Pleasss movie.

In a recent interview to Connect FM Canada, Tanushree claimed that when she was in Ujjain, the brakes of her car were tampered a couple of times. She said that she met with a very bad accident, she suffered injuries and  it took months to recover from those injuries as she had lost lot of blood.

Tanushree suspects that someone attempted to poison her as well. “There was a maid who was, in my words, planted in my home, and I just gradually became ill.” “I’m now suspicious that something was mixed into my water,” she added.

The Apartment actor returned to India in 2020 following the MeToo movement. Previously, she stated that while she is attempting to make a comeback in the industry, “I am trying to revive my career, and people are interested in working with me, despite the image that these Bollywood mafias have portrayed as difficult…,” she wrote on social media. I’m getting offers for films and web projects, and I’ve even signed some, but so far none of them have materialised. Suddenly, the producers or director go incognito, or the sponsors drop.”

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