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Take a deep breath, it’s not a leopard…..


Belagavi: Morning walkers at the Golf Ground reported to have spotted a leopard a few days ago, causing panic among the people of the nearby neighbourhood.

However, officials from the Belagavi forest department have clarified the scenario and stated that the animal was a jungle cat, not a leopard.

Range Forest Officer Shivanand Magdum told that the department had mounted cameras on the golf ground where people claimed to have spotted a leopard. “After four days of continuous surveillance, we took snaps of the animal, and after looking at the high-quality photos, we knew it was an adult, good-sized jungle cat.”

He claims that the cats are not as fierce as a leopard because the jungle cats are normally small in size, but this animal has a good physique and that they may have confused it as a leopard.

People need not be worried, according to the RFO, and can breathe a sigh of relief.


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