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SWR upgrades infrastructure under mission Raftar

Sectional Speed over 317.42 Route km on SWR has been increased, 32 trains speeded up during 2021-22

The “Mission Raftaar” of Indian Railways envisages improving average speeds of passenger and freight trains. To improve the average speeds of Passenger and Freight trains, Railway is working on many fronts including doubling.  One of the thrust areas is strengthening of the track by undertaking various track improvement works.

South Western Railway has undertaken Track Renewal and Engineering Works in a big way to improve sectional speeds, improve speeds on loop lines at stations, and to eliminate permanent speed restrictions.  This is paving way for long restriction-free stretches thereby increasing the speed potential of trains.  Some of the significant achievements of SWR in the current financial year Up to December 2021 are as under :

Over 317 Route km of South Western Railway, sectional speed has been increased.  Some of the sections includeArsikere-Tumakuru, Davangere-Tolahunse, Harihar-Devargudda, Chikkaballapur-Kolar,  Yelahanka-Oddarahalli, Makalidurg-Devarapalle, Chikkodi Road-Raybag-Kudachi,  Gadag-Binkadakatti, Jumnal-Vijayapura etc. Over the last three years, almost 2000 RKM sectional speed was raised.

In the first 9 months of this financial year, Speed on loop lines at various stations totaling to153 Km has been increased from 15 Kmph up to 30 Kmph.  Loop lines speed has been increased in all the stations between Yesvantpur and Hubballi in the last 3 years. Similarly, Loop line speed has been increased in all the stations between Yesvantpur-Omluru, Mysuru-Arsikere, Wandal-Hotgi, etc.

UptoDecember 2021, 18 permanent speed restrictions have been removed/relaxed over South Western Railway.

Sanjeev  Kishore, General Manager, South Western Railway appreciated the works done under the guidance of Principal Chief Engineer, S.P.S. Gupta and the Divisional Railway Managers of Hubballi, Bengaluru, and Mysuru Division.

Sanjeev  Kishore, GM/SWRsaid that as a result of progress achieved on account of doubling of track and above works, the mobility of trains has improved.   During 2021-22 itself, till now 32 Express/Passenger trains have been speeded up.  He said that SWR is doing all-out efforts to increase the speed by pursuing doubling works in Bengaluru-SSS Hubballi, Londa-Miraj, and Gadag-Hotgi routes.  The increase in sectional speed will not only reduce travel time but also improve punctuality.

Trains speeded up during 2021-2022 

Sl.No Train From-To Speeded by
1 12649 YPR-NZM 05Minutes
2 12777 UBL-KCVL 10Minutes
3 12778 KCVL-UBL 10Minutes
4 12725 SBC-DWR 10Minutes
5 16591 UBL-MYS 10Minutes
6 16592 MYS-UBL 15Minutes
7 16590 MRJ-SBC 15Minutes
8 12089 SBC-SMET 15Minutes
9 16543 YPR-UBL 30minutes
10 16507 JU-SBC 35Minutes
11 16209 AII-MYS 35Minutes
12 16505 GIMB-SBC 35Minutes
13 12080 UBL-SBC 35Minutes
14 16589 SBC-MRJ 39Minutes
15 14805 YPR-BME 40Minutes
16 16587 YPR-BKN 40Minutes
17 14806 BME-YPR 45Minutes
18 16588 BKN-YPR 45Minutes
19 12079 SBC-UBL 45Minutes
20 16589 SBC-MRJ 50Minutes
21 17326 MYS-BGM 52Minutes
22 16544 UBL-YPR 60minutes
23 17324 BSB-UBL 60minutes
24 16546 KTGG-YPR 60Minutes
25 16541 YPR-PVR 61Minutes
26 22498 TPJ-SGNR 80Minutes
27 07367 ASK-UBL 80Minutes
28 07348 CTA-UBL 90Minutes
29 17316 VLNK-VSG 93minutes
30 19668 MYS-UDZ 93Minutes
31 17309 YPR-VSG 100Minutes
32 16546 KTGG-YPR 145Minutes


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