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SWR launch daily express between Hubballi and Vijaywada, know the timings, stoppages

South Western Railway has decided to run Train No. 17329/17330 SSS Hubballi – Vijayawada – SSS Hubballi Daily Express. The details of timings and stoppages are as given below:-

Train No. 17329 SSS Hubballi – Vijayawada Daily Express will leave from SSS Hubballi at 07:30 pm every day and will reach Vijayawada at 12:20 pm on the next day. This train will run from 20th April 2022 to until further advice.

In return direction Train No 17330 Vijayawada – SSS Hubballi Daily Express will leave Vijayawada at 01:50 pm every day and will reach SSS Hubballi at 05:30 am on the next day. This train will run from 21st April 2022 until further advice.

En-route the train will have stoppages at Gadag (08:28/08:30 pm), Bhanapur (09:07/09:08 pm), Koppal (09:25/09:27 pm), Munirabad (09:49/09:50 pm), Hosapete (10:05/10:10 pm), Toranagallu (10:42/10:44 pm), Kudatini (10:59/11:00 pm), Ballari (12:25/12:30 am), Bantanahal (12:54/12:55 am)

Guntakal (01:05/01:10 am), Maddikera (01:24/01:25 am), Tuggali (01:34/01:35 am), Pendekallu (01:49/01:50 am), Linganenidoddi (01:55/01:56 am), Malliyala (02:04/02:05 am), Dhone (02:30/02:35 am), Rangapuram (02:59/03:00 am), Betamcherla (03:09/03:10 am), B Cement Nagar (03:18/03:19 am), Panyam (03:44/03:45 am), Nandyal (04:00/04:05 am), Gazulapalli (04:16/04:17 am), Diguvametta (04:48/04:49 am), Giddalur (05:05/05:06 am)

Somidevipalle (05:19/05:20 am), Cumbum (05:41/05:42 am), Tarlupadu (05:54/05:55 am), Markapur Road (06:06/06:07 am), Donakonda (06:29/06:30 am), Kurichedu (06:41/06:42 am), Vinukonda (07:01/07:02 am), Savalyapuram (07:10/07:11 am), Santamagulur (07:20/07:21 am), Narasaraopet (07:34/07:35 am), Nudurupadu (07:49/07:50 am), Perecherla (08:06/08:07 am), Nallapadu (08:14/08:15 am), Guntur (10:15/10:20 am), Namburu (10:31/10:32 am) and Mangalagiri (10:44/10:45 am).

In return direction train will have stoppages at Mangalagiri (02:07/02:08 pm), Namburu (02:15/02:16 pm), Guntur (02:30/02:35 pm), Nallapadu (02:46/02:47 pm), Perecherla (02:54/02:55 pm), Nudurupadu (03:11/03:12 pm), Narasaraopet (03:26/03:27 pm), Santamagulur (03:40/03:41 pm), Savalyapuram (03:51/03:52 pm), Vinukonda (03:59/04:00 pm), Kurichedu (04:19/04:20 pm), Donakonda (04:31/04:32 pm), Markapur Road (04:56/04:57 pm), Tarlupadu (05:08:05:09 pm), Cumbum (05:21/05:22 pm), Somidevipalle (05:41/05:42 pm), Giddalur (05:57/05:58 pm), Diguvametta (06:13/06:14 pm), Gazulapalli (06:45/06:46 pm), Nandyal (07:40/07:45 pm), Panyam (08:00/08:01 pm), B Cement Nagar (08:24/08:25 pm), Betamcherla (08:31/08:32 pm), Rangapuram (08:42/08:43 pm), Dhone (09:18/09:20 pm), Malliyala (09:30/09:31 pm), Linganenidoddi (09:37/09:38 pm), Pendekallu (09:49/09:50 pm), Tuggali (10:04/10:05 pm), Maddikera (10:14/10:15 pm), Guntakal (10:55/11:00 pm), Bantanahal (11:14/11:15 pm), Ballari (01:00/01:05 am), Kudatini (01:27/01:28 am), Toranagallu (01:43/01:45 am), Hosapete (02:25/02:30 am), Munirabad (02:40/02:41 am), Koppal (03:06/03:08 am), Bhanapur (03:20/03:21 am) and Gadag (04:16/04:18 am).

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