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September 2023

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Sunny Deol’s Juhu Mansion Auction Takes a Dramatic Turn: Bank Withdraws Notice

Sunny Deol

New Delhi: The Bank of Baroda has announced the withdrawal of the auction notice concerning the Mumbai Juhu bungalow owned by actor and BJP MP Sunny Deol. The bank cited technical reasons for this decision, stating that it aligns with standard industry practices observed in similar cases. In a recent statement, the bank also revealed that Sunny Deol has initiated discussions with them to settle the outstanding dues.

Although the specific amount of outstanding dues was not explicitly mentioned in the notice, the bank clarified that the notice was issued based on the concept of symbolic possession of the property. They further added that an application for physical possession has been submitted to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate on August 1, 2023, but approval for this is still pending.

Sunny Deol’s property was initially scheduled for an e-auction on August 25, aimed at recovering ₹56 crore. The sale was prompted by his default on a ₹55.99 crore loan from the Bank of Baroda since December 2022.

The bank’s official statement clarified, “The corrigendum to the e-auction notice pertaining to the sale of Mr. Ajay Singh Deol, also known as Mr. Sunny Deol’s property, known as Sunny Villa, is being withdrawn due to technical reasons.”

In the initial auction announcement, the Bank of Baroda had specified that the bidding for the Juhu property would start at ₹51.43 crore, with a minimum bid amount set at ₹5.14 crore.

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