Starbucks co-founder enjoys Bengaluru Vidhyarthi Bhavan Masala Dosa and coffee

Photo credit Vidyarthi Bhavan Instagram account

Bengaluru‘s renowned Vidhyarthi Bhavan had an unexpected visitor on Thursday. On Thursday morning, Zev Siegl, co-founder of Starbucks at Vidyarthi Bhavan, who is attending the Global Investors Meet 2022, stopped by the restaurant to eat Masala Dosa and drink coffee.

In an Instagram post, Vidyarthi Bhavan wrote “We were happy and proud to have Mr. Zev Siegl, Co-founder of Starbucks at Vidyarthi Bhavan today evening. He enjoyed our Masalè Dosè & Coffee and expressed it in our Guest book as well.”

Mr. Zev Siegl is an American businessman who co-founded Starbucks in 1971. He later served as Vice President and Director of Starbucks. He is now in Bengaluru as a participant in the Global Investors Meet 2022 to share his entrepreneurship insights based upon his accumulated experience.

In the guest book he wrote, “My friends, It is an honor to enjoy your famous food, coffee and warm welcome. I will take this wonderful experience with me back to Seattle. Thank you.” he also wrote three stars.

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