Spy camera in mobile charger: Man held for blackmailing friend with private videos


Bengaluru police have arrested a 30-year-old man for allegedly blackmailing his female friend into having a sexual relationship by capturing private videos via a spy camera has been arrested.

M Mahesh, an engineering graduate who operates a food business and lives in T Narasipura in Mysuru district, has been arrested. Mahesh, a friend of the victim, came to her house a month ago and stayed for two days, claiming to have gone to Bengaluru for work. Then he purchased a mobile charger with a spy camera, which he left in her bedroom for two days during his visit. The spy camera captured the woman’s videos of changing clothing.

After Mahesh left for Mysuru, he sent her messages on social media from bogus names claiming to have private tapes of her and demanding a physical relationship with him or uploading them to porn sites and other places. “I initially disregarded expecting it would be some prank,” the woman wrote in her complaint, “but after a few days, the sender shared a small video of mine which took me by surprise.”

The victim went to the North East Division CEN police station and filed a complaint. The police, who started the investigation based on the accused’s IP address, apprehended him in Mysuru on August 12. They took him into custody after he was brought before the court, and during questioning it was revealed that Mahesh was a friend of the victim, and he had hidden the spy camera in her room when he visited her residence a month ago. The victim mistook it for a mobile phone charger.

One spy camera, two memory cards, a laptop, a pen drive, and two mobile phones were recovered by police. According to the police, Mahesh admitted to purchasing the spy camera from an e-commerce site for Rs 1,500. According to the police, they are still investigating whether he harassed other women in the same way.

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