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June 2023

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Sleeping with Danger: Burning Mosquito Coil Kills 6 Family Members in Delhi

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A tragic incident has taken place in Delhi, where six members of a family have been found dead in their own home in Shashtri Nagar in the city. According to sources, it is believed that the cause of death was due to inhaling carbon monoxide, which was emitted from a burning mosquito coil. The family had reportedly lit the coil in an attempt to ward off mosquitoes during the night, but the fumes proved to be fatal while they were fast asleep, national media reported quoting Delhi police.

Is it burning a mosquito coil or something else?

The exact details of the incident are still being investigated by the Delhi police, who have not yet released any official statement regarding the matter. It is a reminder of the potential danger that can arise from seemingly harmless household items like mosquito coil and the importance of taking necessary precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring.

NDTV reported that a burning mosquito coil fell on the mattress and that resulted in fumes and all six died due to inhaling the gas, four males, one female, and a child were killed in this tragic incident.

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