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June 2023

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Siddaramaiah Returns……! Takes Oath in the Name of God  DK Shivakumar Takes Oath as Deputy Chief Minister


Bengaluru: In a significant development, senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka once again, with DK Shivakumar taking the oath as the Deputy Chief Minister. The grand oath-taking ceremony took place at Kantirava Stadium on Saturday, witnessing the participation of prominent political figures and supporters.

Siddaramaiah, known for his strong faith, took the oath in the name of God. Notably, during his previous tenure as Chief Minister, he had taken the oath in the name of truth. DK Shivakumar, a prominent leader within the Congress party, chose to take the oath as Deputy Chief Minister in the name of Gangadharajjayya, a revered figure in his constituency.

The ceremony also saw the swearing-in of several ministers, each taking their oaths with their own personal convictions. Dr G Parameshwara, who assumed the cabinet role, took his oath in the name of the constitution. Other ministers, including KH Muniyappa, KJ George, and MB Patil, all took their oaths in the name of God.

Notably, Satish Jarkiholi, a state minister, took a unique approach by invoking the names of Buddha, Basava, and Ambedkar in his oath. Priyank Kharge, another state rank minister, took his oath in the name of God.

Zameer Ahmed Khan, who assumed the role of state rank minister, took his oath in English and invoking the names of Allah and his mother.

The swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter in Karnataka’s political landscape, with the newly appointed ministers expected to fulfill their responsibilities


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