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Shivakumar criticizes the government for allowing Ultra Derby to hold in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru:  As the state continues to witness a surge in COVID cases and the government not permitting large gatherings, despite this Ultra Derby was held in Bengaluru where thousands of spectators gathered to witness the race, the event mercilessly broke all the COVID rules, charged KPCC President D K Shivakumar.

He questioned whether the COVID rules do not apply to the Ultra Derby Bengaluru, which took place yesterday.

The government has placed restrictions on marriages and other festivities, limiting the number of people who can attend. The hotel and other businesses are required to follow 50:50 standards, but he claims that these laws do not apply to the Ultra Derby.

He posted a Koo to convey his displeasure. The horse racing in Bengaluru drew thousands of spectators. No one was wearing a mask. The audience was not paying attention to the social distance. DK Shivakumar asked whether the COVID rules are just for the common man not for the gala event, where cash-rich people take part and the event that brings money into the government’s coffers.

The Congress’ Mekedaatu Padayatra was tainted by the ruling BJP government. The Padayatra was organised in the public interest. It was intended to provide drinking water to the people. The government claimed that the Padayatra was breaking COVID rules, and Congress leaders were charged with a variety of offences, including breaking COVID rules.

However, he questioned the government’s decision to allow a derby in Bengaluru during a COVID outbreak.


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