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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Shettar Questions Timing of HDMC member Chetan Hirekerur’s Arrest

J Shettar 12se3Former CM Jagadish Shettar addressing advocates in Hubballi on Friday

Hubballi: Jagadish Shettar, has expressed his concern regarding the arrest of HDMC member Chetan Hirekerur, under the Goonda Act.

Shettar while addressing advocates at new court on Friday, stated that the arrest was politically motivated and an abuse of power.

Shettar questioned the timing of the arrest, which occurred soon after HDMC member Hirekerur expressed his support for him in the upcoming election. He also asked why the authorities did not take similar action against Hirekerur a few months earlier if they were concerned about his potential threat to law and order.

Shettar went on to describe Hirekerur as a reformed man who had not been involved in any unlawful activities after being elected as a representative. He expressed his disappointment with the use of such tactics to suppress the voices of those who support him.

He said he was not at all aware that Hirekerur would join his nomination process and extend support to him. It was his decision and with an intention of supporting him in the election he joined the procession but the BJP for just taking part in the procession and extending support for him jailed him which is not good.

He also lashed out at union minister Pralhad Joshi for misusing the power to suppress political opponents. And told him power is not permanent and muzzling an opponent with temporary power is not right, he said.

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