SECURITY BREACH: During Modi’s roadshow, a sixth-grade student attempted to garland him, police conducts inquiry

Screen grab of the video

Hubballi: Police sources have said that the police are inquiring the 10-year-old boy who allegedly tried to garland Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his roadshow near NWKRTC quarters on Thursday.

It is also said that the police have summoned the boy’s parents for the inquiry, but the identity of the boy has not yet been revealed by the police. The police checking how the boy went near Modi’s car and they are also checking whether the incident has any connection with external forces.

The police clarified that the boy is Hindu, and studying in class 10, a resident of Hubballi city. The police withheld the boy’s name and location because he is a minor and the matter is related to the PM’s security, and they also promised that more information about the incident would be shared with the media.

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