Scan the QR code, send your suggestions and feedback directly to Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri

Iresh Anchhatgeri
Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri (File Photo)

Hubballi: Got an idea? want the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation to listen to you and possibly implement that, or if you have a suggestion in terms of a development project, then you can bring it directly to the attention of Hubballi-Dharwad Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri.

To get suggestions and feedback, the mayor has shared a QR code, which the public needs to scan through their smartphone, and it directly redirects to, where you can click on the “suggestions” tab and register your suggestions and feedback.

The mayor urged the residents to actively use the QR code so that they can implement the developmental projects in the twin cities at a never-before-seen pace. He said all the suggestions and feedback would be reviewed and implemented at the earliest possible time.

The QR code shared by the mayor

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