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Sarkari doctors attacked by the furious patient’s relatives in Raichur.

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Patients’ relatives assaulting doctors seems to be the norm these days. Here’s another incident from the Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) to add to the expanding list.

Furious relatives and attendees thrashed two internees, alleging that the patient who died of his illness was not given proper treatment by the doctors.

The internees were forced to leave the patient in the middle of treatment, fearing for their life as approximately 25 relatives barged into the treatment room and began assaulting and manhandling them, according to doctors who requested anonymity while speaking to

According to one of the doctors, the patient was admitted to the hospital with a complaint of low back pain and had been admitted to the orthopaedics department for the previous two days. On Friday, he complained of abdominal pain, therefore he was referred to USG abdomen. Following the receipt of the report, which revealed intestinal blockage, paralytic ileus, and a bulky pancreas, the patient was referred to the department of surgery and treatment was initiated. The patient was placed on an NBM and an RT tube.

The patient became breathless at 10 p.m., according to the doctor. Because there were no beds available in SICU, he was quickly transferred to the male emergency ward. He was moved and attached to an oxygen mask, atropine and adrenaline were administered, and CPR was initiated. While these interns were performing CPR, around 25 patient attendants began abusing and attacking the interns, after which they left CPR and left the ward. This occurred when the patient was undergoing resuscitation (the action or process of reviving someone from unconsciousness or apparent death), and he had not yet been declared dead.

The patient’s relatives alleged that the patient died due to the negligence of doctors and he was not given proper treatment. The patient’s attendees charged that it is a typical government hospital and doctors hardly bother for patient care.

Condemning the event, the physicians, including internees and PGs, held a demonstration and requested adequate security while on duty. They stated that they had already notified the patient’s relatives of his poor health and told them that he would receive every available care. Despite the best efforts, though, his health deteriorated. However, the enraged relatives were not in the mood to listen to the internees and did not allow the doctors on the duty to work.

When the crowd stormed the treatment room, they attacked one doctor with punches. The same thing happened to another doctor. However, they were able to leave the area, according to doctors.

Another doctor stated “ If the assault on doctors continues, it will be impossible for them to provide critical treatment to patients. There are legal avenues for them (Patients relatives) to pursue if they believe doctors did not provide adequate care, but manhandling is not acceptable,” he said.

The Raichur police have yet to file a complaint in this regard. The Medical Superintendent and Dean paid a visit to the agitating physicians and promised them that such incidents would not occur again.

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