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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

RCM Ganesha Samiti Plans11-Day Ganesha Celebration at Hubballi’s Idgah Maidan

Police personnel guarding the Idgah grounds ahead of Ganesha festival in Hubballi (FILE PHOTO)

Hubballi: (By Hubli Express News Service): The Rani Chennamma Maidan Gajanan Utsav Samiti members conducted a meeting at the premises of Moorusavir Math to deliberate on the installation of the Lord Ganesha Idol at Idgah Maidan in Hubballi, marking the second consecutive year.

During the meeting, the members of the Samiti collectively resolved to request permission from the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) to extend the Ganesha festival celebration period to 11 days this time, last time Samiti was granted permission for only three days. Moreover, they intend to seek authorization for the setup of two Pandals – one dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the other designated for hosting cultural activities.

Hanumantsa Niranjan, convenor of the Samiti, highlighted that in the previous instance, five different groups had sought approval from HDMC to install the idol at Idgah Maidan. However, the Rani Chennamma Maidan Gajanan Utsav Samiti was granted the permission. In a collaborative effort this time, all Samitis should aim to unite and establish an organized body for the collective celebration of the Ganesha Utsav. Niranjan expressed the intention of RCMG Utsav Samiti to submit an official memorandum on Monday, formally requesting permission for the upcoming Utsav.

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