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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Rayaraddi Holds Meeting with Ministers at his Dharwad Farmhouse, Says He is Man of Certain Principles

Dharwad, By Hubli Express News: Amidst a backdrop of discontentment, Yalaburga MLA and former minister Basavaraj Rayaraddi hosted a meeting at his Dharwad farmhouse with ministers Dr. Sharanprakash Patil and Dr. MC Sudhakar.

During the interaction with the press on Monday, Rayaraddi made it clear that he remains loyal to the Congress party and has no intention of switching to the BJP, citing his commitment to certain principles and ideologies.

In response to inquiries regarding his rumored frustration with the Congress and potential BJP affiliation, Rayaraddi emphasized his unwavering dedication to the principles he holds dear. He pointed out his impressive track record of contesting 12 elections, including one for parliament. His recent letter to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressing dissatisfaction with officials’ responsiveness had sparked speculation.

Rayaraddi clarified that invitations from both the BJP and Congress are common for leaders with potential, but that doesn’t equate to an automatic party switch. He expressed deep admiration for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, whom he holds in high regard, citing a special bond between them. He also praised AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge’s ideological stance and voiced his desire for Kharge to become India’s Prime Minister.

Addressing the presence of ministers Dr. MC Sudhakar and Dr. Sharanprakash Patil at the meeting, Rayaraddi explained that the purpose was focused solely on development. He highlighted the significant resources available for skill development and a prominent engineering college in his constituency, emphasizing the need for their assistance to ensure these assets function effectively.

Rayaraddi concluded that this meeting was entirely centered on developmental concerns and did not involve discussions on political matters.

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