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Rare achievement: Suchirayu Hospital gets prestigious NABH accreditation

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Hubballi: When it comes to healthcare in Hubballi, there is no doubt that patients and their families prefer Suchirayu Hospital since the hospital has become a standard for best quality healthcare and people trust the doctors’ exceptional treatment.

The Suchirayu Hospital has become a household name not just in Hubballi and Dharwad, but also in neighbouring districts, in just a few years. Patients from all over the state come here for treatment. That is the renowned reputation of the hospital. Furthermore, the hospital has received accreditation from the respected National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).

NABH is India’s healthcare regulating organisation, and its laws assure quality treatment and an unparalleled patient experience in hospitals. And by gaining accreditation, the Suchirayu has accomplished a remarkable achievement. The hospital gained accreditation just a few years after its start, although many hospitals did not receive this recognition even after half a century of existence.

The accreditation by a national-level organisation has increased the legitimacy and dedication of the Suchirayu’s health services to the welfare of mankind, according to Dr Rajendra I Dugani, Neurologist and Managing Director of the Hospital.

He stated that the assessment team had visited the hospital 12 times in a span of three years to assess the quality of the health services and facilities and that the hospital has received NABH certification as a result of this rigorous procedure. It implies that the hospital is the state’s 70th hospital to provide health treatment to patients in accordance with WHO criteria, he said.

There are NABH entry levels, mid-level, and final level and the hospital received the final level certificate. The ultimate rating would be assigned to the hospital after taking into account all elements such as bed quality, drug quality, patient care, and other amenities, said Dr Dugani.

“We are pleased that the facility received recognition on the first try. And the team visits the hospital’s quality care every month or every three months; if the hospital fails to maintain the quality of care, the accreditation will be revoked; nevertheless, the hospital is improving its quality care and is not compromising patient care,” he added.

Dr Dugani stated that because the hospital now has NABH certification, organ transplantation will be easy for the hospital. Apart from that, he added, the certificate entitles the Army, CRPF, BSF, and other security personnel to treatment at the hospital.

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