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Ramesh Jarkiholi flew to Mysuru… a stir in the political circle.

Belagavi: Former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi resigned from the Yediyurappa cabinet just a few months ago after allegations of him being involved in a sex scandal surfaced and flew to Mysuru on a special flight on Friday.

Jarkiholi is expected to meet the Suttur seer in Mysuru at the Suttur Math. He went to his brother Lakhan Jarkiholi’s house from his Gokak Residence and held a meeting with him for a while and then he and his brother Lakhan went to Sambra Airport in Belagavi and his brother in law Ambi Rao accompanied both brothers.

Ramesh refused to speak to the media and promised that he would hold a press conference after returning from Mysuru.

Lakhan Jarkiholi stated that they would meet with the Suttur seer today, and when asked about Ramesh’s resignation to his MLA post, Lakhan stated, “On this issue, Ramesh himself clarified it.”

The political circle is a buzz about Ramesh’s Mysuru visit. It is said that, based on the invitation from Swamiji, Ramesh planned to visit Mysuru.


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