Rajat Ullagaddimath foundation to distribute 10 g silver coins to 200 Ganesh Utsav Mandals

Dr G Parameshwara and other Congress leaders release the model of silver coins, to be distributed by Rajat Ullagaddimath Foundation

Hubballi: The Rajat Ullagaddimath foundation will distribute 10 grams of silver coins to about 200 Ganesh Utsav Mandals in the city for the first time.

Former Home Minister Dr G Parameshwar unveiled the coins. Dr. Parameshwara, in releasing the coins, praised Congress leader Rajat Ullagaddimath’s work through his organisation. Rajat will hand out 200 silver coins (total 2kg) weighing ten grams each. On one side of these coins was carved the picture of Lord Ganesha.

According to the close aides of Rajat, the coins would be fixed on the forehead of the Lord and on the day of immersion, the coin would be auctioned along with the other materials kept for worshipping the God, the silver coin which was affixed on the forehead of the God, fetch more money, this would be very helpful for the Ganesha Utsav Mandals.

Anil Kumar Patil, Shahzman Mujahid, and other Congress leaders were present.

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