Rajat Ullagaddimath foundation cleans the well

Cleaning of well near Glass House is going on

The Rajat Ullagaddimath foundation, which is doing work for the betterment of the lives of the people, cleaned the well located near Glass House, which was stinking like anything and had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

After immersion of Ganesh idols, the well was not cleaned. The residents living near the well were falling sick because of mosquitoes and the smell. The Rajat Ullagaddimath foundation came to the rescue of these residents, and his foundation started the cleaning work on the well. The foundation deployed an earth mover, a crane, and a few workers to clean the well. It takes two-three days for the workers to completely clean it.

The Congress leader, Rajat Ullagaddimath, learned of the residents’ plights and promised them that the well would be cleaned; interestingly, the work began on the birth anniversary of the nation’s father, Mahatma Gandhiji, who valued cleanliness.

Many residents laugh at the HDMC for getting a second place in the Swachha Survekshana, an annual survey of the urban local bodies to see how clean they are maintaining the city. They claim that the HDMC failed to keep the city clean. And one can see garbage on the roads; many roads are in bad condition, and they hardly see any sweeping activities on the roads. They say because of the President of India’s program; they swept the road between the airport and Gymkhana ground, and they urge that similar work should be conducted on other roads as well.

HDMC Commissioner, Dr Gopal Krishna, said that he is happy that citizens are also joining hands to keep the city clean. ” I thank the people who initiated the work,” he said and added that the HDMC had already started cleaning work on the well and that this work of cleaning the well near Glass House was about to begin.

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