Rahul Gandhi will be in Hubballi tomorrow: Congress workers plan grand welcome for him

Congress party workers have erected banners welcoming Rahul Gandhi on Gokul Road in Hubballi on Monday

Hubballi: The Congress party leaders and party workers have decided to welcome former AICC president Rahul Gandhi in a grand manner at the airport. Rahul Gandhi will land at Hubballi airport around 6 pm, and he will later hold the party’s state political affairs meeting.

For security reasons, his detailed itinerary has not yet been disclosed. Police have denied permission for the party leaders who had earlier planned to take him to the hotel from the airport in a procession. Hence, the leaders have decided to welcome him at the airport premises in the most grand manner possible. It is expected that a good number of party workers are expected to throng the airport tomorrow.

The VIP movement may cause traffic jams on Gokul Road, so readers are advised to take alternative routes to reach their destination.

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