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June 2023

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Rahul Gandhi Calls for Restriction of BJP to 40 Seats

Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi addressing gathering in Gadag on Monday evening

Hangal: Former AICC chief, Rahul Gandhi promised that the Congress party would implement all the four key guarantees announced by the Congress party would be implemented on their first day in power.

Addressing a poll rally in Hangal, Rahul Gandhi, accused the BJP of rampant corruption and urged voters to limit the party to only 40 seats in the upcoming elections.

He alleged that the BJP government had been looting the state for the past five years and taking a 40% commission in the process. Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he was against corruption as he was often seen surrounded by corrupt leaders.

He listed several alleged scams that occurred during the Bommai government and claimed that only those who participated in corruption were considered fit for the BJP.

Gandhi called on voters to give the Congress party 150 seats and warned that if the BJP won fewer seats, they would resort to buying MLAs using corrupt means.

Gandhi demanded that the government release data from the caste census, reclassify the reservation quota for SCs and STs according to their population, and remove the 50% cap on the reservation.

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