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October 2023

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Racially Motivated Shooting Claims Three Lives in Jacksonville, Florida

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In Jacksonville, Florida, a lone masked gunman, described as a young white man in his early twenties, carried out a racially motivated attack that claimed the lives of three black individuals before turning the weapon on himself, according to the city’s sheriff.

Jacksonville is a predominately African-American neighborhood. The tragic event transpired at a Dollar General store, where the assailant, outfitted in body armor, entered and began firing, prompting a tense standoff with law enforcement. The sheriff, T K Waters, disclosed that two men and a woman fell victim to the shooter’s violence. The attacker had prepared manifestos, suggesting a premeditated and deeply rooted intention.

Mayor Donna Deegan unequivocally labeled the incident as a “hate-filled crime,” motivated by racist animosity. The sheriff detailed that the perpetrator, as yet unnamed officially, carried both a lightweight semi-automatic rifle and a handgun. This individual, believed to have acted alone, had also expressed a desire to end his own life. He resided with his parents in Clay County, Jacksonville, and left behind a series of messages outlining his sinister intent. One such message was directed at his parents, while another was meant for the media. Sheriff Waters also revealed that a swastika had been inscribed on at least one of the firearms involved.

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