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September 2023

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Puneeth Kerehalli Booked Under Goonda Act: Hindu Activist Arrested for Cow Vigilantism

Puneeth Kerehalli

Introduction: The Karnataka police department has taken action against Puneeth Kerehalli, a prominent Hindu activist, by invoking the Goonda Act.

The arrest is linked to his involvement in a case where he allegedly beat a member of a minority community to death under the pretext of cow transportation.

Despite the victim’s legal transport of cows, Puneeth faced initial detainment, followed by release on bail. His repeated engagement in disruptive activities between 2013 and 2023 prompted his arrest under the Goonda Act. This article delves into the details of the incident and its ramifications.

Key Points:

  1. Incident Details: Puneeth Kerehalli, known as a cow vigilante, was recently apprehended for his role in the fatal beating of a man from a minority community who was legally transporting cows.
  2. Legal Outcome: Subsequent investigations revealed the victim’s adherence to legal protocols for cow transportation, leading to his post-arrest release on bail.
  3. History of Offenses: Puneeth has a history of involvement in 10 police cases spanning from 2013 to 2023, reflecting his repeated attempts to disrupt societal peace through anti-social activities.
  4. Arrest Under Goonda Act: The specialized CCB police unit took Puneeth into custody, invoking the Goonda Act to prevent his involvement in further disturbances.
  5. Incident Locations: Cases against Puneeth have been registered across various police station limits, including D.J. Halli, Beguru, Kaggalipura, Halasurugate, Chamarajpet, Electronic City, Malavalli, and Sathanur.
  6. Goonda Act Implications: Arrest under the Goonda Act entails a one-year period without the possibility of bail, circumventing the need for immediate presentation before a judge and streamlining police custody procedures.
  7. Criminal Intent: The police underscore Puneeth’s criminal intent, citing his connection to the organization “Rashtra Raksha Pade” and his consistent targeting of cow slaughter transporters and associated business people, thereby disrupting peace and harmony.
  8. Detention Order: To curb Puneeth’s anti-social activities, a detention order was issued under the Karnataka Goonda Act on August 11, culminating in his apprehension by the CCB police on the same day. (IANS, The Content was taken from a syndicated feed)

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