Property dispute: Man kills grandfather


Bengaluru: Enraged over not sharing property and assisting him in obtaining a loan, a 20-year-old man and a friend allegedly murdered his 70-year-old grandfather in Bengaluru. On Saturday, authorities announced that the men had been captured.

Puttaiah, a native of Surabhi Layout in Yelahanka, worked as a laboratory assistant at Kendriya Vidyalaya before retiring. He was living on his own. The accused have been identified as Puttaiah’s grandson Jayanth, a Mysuru resident, and his friend Yasin Ahmed, 22, a Gorur native in Hassan district.

Jayanth and Yasin arrived at Puttaiah’s house on August 17 morning and smothered him before fleeing. When Naveen P, one of Puttaiah’s sons, called him on the phone and he did not respond, he arrived at his house to find his father unconscious on the ground. While Naveen initially suspected that Puttaiah had fallen from the bed, it was found that his face was bloated and soaked in blood. His gold ring on his finger was also missing.

During the investigation, the police discovered that Jayant was dissatisfied with his grandfather for refusing to sell the land and for not assisting him in obtaining bank loans. Jayant’s father, Chandru, is Puttaiah’s second son, who was living alone after his wife died in 2017.

Puttaiah had four children, three of which were sons, and they all lived independently. Jayant’s involvement was obvious from the start, as he had previously clashed with his grandfather over property concerns, and his phone was active in the same region at the time of death. In addition, after killing him, the accused closed the main door and left through the rear door.

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