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Preparing Medical Colleges for possible third wave and to treat the new variant: Minister Dr. K Sudhakar.

Bengaluru: Including a month of training for 18,000 nurses, ramping up pediatric ICUs, Medical colleges across the state have been instructed to make necessary preparations in order to be ready for possible third Covid wave in Karnataka said, Dr. K Sudhakar, Minister of Health and Medical Education.

After chairing a video conference meeting with the directors of the medical colleges, on the possible third wave and the new Omicron virus-related treatment, Health Minister told reporters that there are 21 medical colleges offering health services at the district level. Everyone, including the HOD, Professors and Senior Doctors of Medical Colleges have been advised to stand up to the demand and provide effective treatment. They can also avail the help of resident doctors, and final-year medical students, Minister said.

During the first and second wave, state faced a shortage of nurses to treat those who were in the ICUs. Now that problem has been solved. There are about 18,000 people in final year nursing and paramedics. Officials have been asked to provide one month training for them, in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences and other institutions, said Dr K Sudhakar.

Pediatric ICUs are ready

As was decided in the Cabinet, officials are instructed to prepare of ICUs for children. We have got the information on all necessary equipment and other systems which are required. able. Issues raised by institutions are also addressed and solutions provided for the issues flagged by them. Resident doctor’s Covid risk allowance to the tune of Rs 55 crore is pending and Finance Dept has released the amount. from the Department of Finance. Total amount required is nearly Rs 73 crore and it will be credited to the concerned account within a couple of days. We were facing some technical glitches to credit salaries to their account. Institutions have taken twenty days to be registered in HRMS. From December onwards, salaries will be directly credited to their bank accounts, Minister informed the reporters.

As per the advice of the Covid Technical Committee, a special ICU and ward will be provided for the Omicron infected. Those who are infected with Delta will be treated in a separate ward. Number of beds and ICUs to be reserved will be decided soon, he said.

Priority has been given to trace those 57 passengers from Africa. In the past, our police department has done a good job of tracking down those who have escaped. And our Police demonstrate their efficiency and will track them all. But I urge the passengers to act responsibly and with social concern, Dr K.Sudhakar said.

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