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September 2023

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Pragyan Rover’s First Data Confirms Sulphur Presence on Lunar South Pole

Photo shared by ISRO for representation purpose only
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The initial data transmitted by a payload carried on the Pragyanrover has validated the existence of sulphur on the lunar surface close to the southern pole.

Preliminary analysis, which has been visually illustrated in graphical form, has also unveiled the occurrence of aluminium, calcium, iron, chromium, and titanium elements on the lunar surface.

Subsequent measurements have additionally exposed the presents of manganese, silicon, and oxygen. The inquiry into the detection of hydrogen is presently in progress, as stated by ISRO.

“In-situ scientific experiments continue …..Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) instrument onboard the Rover unambiguously confirms the presence of Sulphur (S) in the lunar surface near the south pole, through first-ever in-situ measurements. Al, Ca, Fe, Cr, Ti, Mn, Si, and O are also detected, as expected. Search for Hydrogen (H) is underway. LIBS instrument is developed at the Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems (LEOS)/ISRO, Bengaluru,” said ISRO in a tweet.

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