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Power outage in Hubballi rural areas

Hubballi: Due to emergency work on feeders located at Anchatgeri, Byhatti, Shirguppi, and Noolvi village branches, power supply will be disrupted in the following villages from November 3 to November 8, said HESCOM.

The villages are: On November 3: Halyal, Byahatti, Elfin Layout, Sulla, Devargudihal, Revadihal, Parsapur,

November 4: Koliwad, Malligawad, Umachagi, Ingalhalli, Tirumalakoppa, Palikoppa, Varur, Kamplikoppa, Kuradikeri, Karadikoppa, Pale.

On November 5: Varur, Aralikatti, Agadi, Sherewada,

On November 6: Kotagundhunsi, Kundagol Cross, Adargunchi, Noolvi, and Sherewada.

On November 7:  Rayanal, Gangiwal, Anchatgeri, Devargudihal, Revadihal, Parsapur, Industrial Area, Kundagol Cross, Budarsinghi, Belagali, Inamveerapur, Sherewada Cross, Belagali Cross. On November 8: Kiresur.

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