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June 2023

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Poverty-stricken boy attempts to sell his kidney for mother’s treatment in Jharkhand

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Ranchi, 10 May (HS): A 16-yr-old poor boy attempted to sell his kidney to pay for his ailing mother’s treatment in a private hospital in Jharkhand’s capital.

Dr Vikas, President of the RIMS Junior Doctor Association, informed this saying that after learning about the boy, he restrained him from doing so and assured proper assistance in the treatment of his mother.

“The young man was from Gaya, Bihar.” Dipanshu was his given name. “He said his father had died shortly after his birth, and he wanted to sell his kidney for his mother’s treatment,” Dr Vikas explained, referring to the kidney sale attempt.

According to the doctor, the boy works at a hotel in Ranchi, leaving his mother and sister at home. He claimed that a man he knew at a private hospital had sent the boy before me the night before, and that he had informed the boy that selling a kidney is a crime.

Dr. Vikas also tweeted video footage of the boy explaining why he planned to sell the kidney. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Bihar police have been tagged in the tweet to verify the boy”s authenticity and keep him out of the wrong hands.

When asked about the boy’s mother’s condition, the doctor stated, “The boy”s version suggested that his mother’s leg bone has broken.”

(Note: This news has been generated from a syndicated feed and has not been written or edited by the Hubli Express staff.)

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